Perhaps it may turn out a sang,
Perhaps turn out a sermon.

-- R. Burns Epistle to a Young Friend

Friday, April 4, 2014

The Latest

As most of you know, my wife experienced a serious health crisis, and it lasted much longer than I had expected.  She is home and getting up and around.  We are very happy and thankful for that and for all the prayers from the Raccoon-0-sphere. 

It was a strange couple of weeks, almost like being in a cocoon.  I lost it a few times, like when my daughter asked the doctor a question, and he answered honestly.  I appreciated why she asked, and I appreciated the doc's honesty, but I still had to go out and cry in the bathroom afterward.  It turned out not to be that bad, for which I am grateful.

Grateful, thankful, appreciative -- those adjectives and their verb and noun forms I have used a lot since last Friday. 

I prayed as much as I could, but there were times when I would run into dead-ends and weariness.  For ten days, I don't think I slept more than three hours out of any twenty-four.  I would doze off in the ICU occasionally, though the nurses are coming and going out of there with great frequency night and day. 

It was in those times that I would become aware that I was not alone, that I was leaning on the prayers of others, that the strength of others was enabling me to keep going.  I don't think I can ever be too grateful or too thankful to God or to you all. 


julie said...

We're just glad your Mrs. is back home. May God continue to bless you both.

John Lien said...

Yeah, what julie said!

USS Ben USN (Ret) said...

Will continue praying for you both. And God bless you guys,

mushroom said...

Thank you. She's tearing stuff out today. I hope I can get it all put back.